"Grace" Romanian Christian Church
Gold Coast

 Short History of Grace Church  - Gold Coast

The need for opening a Romanian Christian church in Gold Coast has become increasingly evident in recent years, given the growth of the Romanian community in this town (about 3,000 ). In this context, Elim Church, Brisbane, formed a vision to serve, and then to plant a church in Gold Coast, to be a spiritual and cultural center for the Romanians in the city.

The work began by organizing a series of carols and services and proclamation of the gospel, which was attended more consistently and with interest by Romanians in this area. As a result of obvious interest, it was decided to organize a worship service weekly (Saturday evening between 6:00 - 8:00 pm) followed by fellowship with snacks in a room rented from Helensvale Community Centre.

Coordination of this work was entrusted to Pastor Ionica Curea, assistant pastor of Elim Church, Brisbane. To increase the spiritual impact of this work was considered appropriate to have an official opening of a new church that has both a stable location and with regular Sunday services. This initiative received the support of the Pastoral Council of Australia and NZ (BCPR).

Sunday March 13, 2011 took place the official opening of the new church officially registered with the name "GRACE - Romanian Christian Church - Gold Coast". The opening service of the church, which was a memorable festival, delegates were invited from the Pastoral Council of AU and NZ (BCPR) and other pastors of evangelical Romanian churches in Brisbane and Melbourne.

The desire to serve and proclaim the gospel of the kingdom of God, to the Romanian community in Gold Coast, the church "Grace" has offered to host the biggest Romanian spiritual event:  The Romanian Pentecostal churches Convention 2012 in Australia and NZ, and the national Youth Camp. We believe that this event will have a significant spiritual impact in the lives of all those who will participate, and especially the Romanian community in Gold Coast.

We wish to express our appreciation to everyone who gave us their spiritual and financial support, enabling the foundation of this church. We also want to thank God for His blessings and grace and we are committed serve God with honor and dignity, so that by hearing the gospel message and seeing our lives as Christians witnesses more and more Romanians get to know the true God and His salvation.


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